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Release Notes & Roadmap
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v1.61.4 12/18/2019


  • Dark Mode Available
  • Copying phone numbers of members in the user profile is available

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that file icon is displayed incorrectly in channel

  • Fixed a bug that the edit would be incorrectly displayed on the channel if the name of the linked task card had emoji

  • Changed to go to the first screen of the app without dialog when all signed out in other session

  • Fixed app crash bug when searching image files in Advanced Search

  • Fixes a bug that the app doesn't launch when sharing page url in Safari using Share feature

v1.61.3 12/11/2019


  • Image thumbnails can be viewed in the file list
  • Modify file icon design
  • Update dialing feature in user profile

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed channel purpose input bug

v1.61.2 12/05/2019


  • Changing the Time Picker on the Life Balance Mode Screen
  • Draw menu(Slide menu) in chat or project changes only the currently selected items to be displayed
  • Change default channel name edit screen UI
  • Cursor is automatically set to the content input window when uploading a photo
  • After creating and sharing a task card in a chat, when long pressing the card to leave a comment, it is displayed as the task card type, not plain text.
  • Password policy change when signing up, creating and changing password

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug that app crashes when other members enter the workspace while viewing the General channel (Default channel) in the advanced tier
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate cards were pressed when creating and sharing work cards in chat
  • Fixed a bug that the popup message displayed on each screen was different when creating with the same name as an existing channel or project name in the advanced tier
  • Fixed bug with scroll position on the latest comment when entering comment tab in the task card
  • Fixed app crash bug when selecting removed task card from favorites
  • Fixed a bug that caused app crash intermittently when scrolling in manage members screen of workspace settings in the advanced tier
  • Fixed bug that scrolling would not move to the bottom when a new comment is entered while looking at the bottom in Ideas
  • Fixed bug of remaining time display on Stealth Mode setting screen
  • Fixed the time display error that can be selected in the Stealth Mode setting screen
  • Fixed bug where copy text would work when Remove pin is selected due to long press of pinned message chat
  • Fixed the bug that wrong date is set when creating a task card by selecting the last week's date in the project box calendar view.
  • Fixed a bug deleting a message immediately below the date divider (the date divider displayed as Date or Today in the chat window) in the chat would delete the divider.
  • Fixed popup text output if user was forced to leave the project in the background of Swit app
  • Fixed a bug emojis were broken when moving to a chat or comment screen that a certain emoji was entered
  • Fixed bug that mention list could not be closed when finished button was clicked with mention list open
  • Fixed the error of not displaying deleting the task card dialog
  • Change the default workspace selected workspace name- display policy when using the share feature
  • Fixed bug that project screen stayed when forced to leave the project
  • Fixed bug that the settings on the Life Balance Mode screen were different
  • Fixed bug wrong pop-up window was displayed or app crashed when moving the unselected workspace by selecting Push button